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Silicon Valley actor T.J. Miller plays Last Word with Ellen DeGeneres

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Anyone who’s seen Silicon Valley knows T.J. Miller is a one-man improv machine, and the jokes were running at full speed with Ellen DeGeneres.

During a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Miller and the host played two rounds of “Last Word” — the final person to say something that fits the category wins. The first one was “Signs You’re Drunk.” Round 1 was close, until Miller’s final answer of trying to “make out with your wife and then realize it’s actually a trashcan that you put a picture of her face on… true story!” DeGeneres laughed until the buzzer sounded, prompting a Miller victory.

The second take was to think of ways to address someone without knowing their name. Miller ended the game with a 13-second answer that he finished right before the game’s conclusion. His performance and what fueled it impressed DeGeneres.

“I should start smoking marijuana, because you came up with things I didn’t,” she quipped.

See Miller’s deftness below.

Miller’s full appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs Tuesday.