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Game of Thrones EW Podcast for 'Blood of My Blood' is live


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Macall B. Polay/HBO

Why is Tommen such a disappointing wimp? How weird is it that we’re actually gaining Starks this season? How much motivation do the Dothraki need, exactly? Could we build an entire episode around Gilly being amazed by the ordinary? Coldhands, question mark? There’s a lot to discuss in “Blood of My Blood,” and in this week’s episode of EW’s Game of Thrones podcast, and James Hibberd patiently explains the latest (relatively bloodless!) round of shenanigans in Westeros, while Darren Franich grasps at theory-straws to prove that Lady Stoneheart is arriving soon.

Read James’ full deep-dive recap into “Blood of My Blood,” and read his interview about the return of a long-lost Game of Thrones character. Remember to email us at GOTpodcast@ew.com if you’ve got questions about what’s happening or predictions about what’s coming up. Subscribe to the podcast here, or listen below.