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Game of Thrones EW Podcast for The Door is live

Hold the door!

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Helen Sloan/HBO

It took six seasons, but Game of Thrones finally, finally, finally got around to revealing the secret origin of Hodor. Actually, “The Door” dove deep into the mythology of A Song of Ice and Fire — which we discuss in-depth on this week’s episode of the EW Game of Thrones podcast. We also discuss about the burgeoning Brienne-Tormund maybe-romance — which Gwendoline Christie also has thoughts about — and try to figure out just what Littlefinger’s plan is now. Lastly, we get political, analyzing Euron Greyjoy’s bold policy of Building Kamillion Ships.

Remember to email us at GOTpodcast@ew.com if you’ve got questions about what’s happening or predictions about what’s coming up. Subscribe to the podcast here, or listen below. For more Thrones fun, check out James’ full recap of the episode, and his behind-the-scenes interviews about last night’s tragic twist. While you’re at it, watch the latest episode of Game of Theories!