Oliver Gettell
May 23, 2016 AT 10:57 PM EDT

They say life imitates art; for The BFG star Rebecca Hall, it also imitates comedy.

In a recent interview with EW at the Cannes Film Festival, the British actress spoke about working with Steven Spielberg for the first time, realizing a dream collaboration that once seemed so improbable served as a wisecrack.

“A lot of actors make this joke of like, ‘Hold on a minute, Steven Spielberg’s on the telephone,'” said Hall, who plays Mary, the Queen’s maid, in the Roald Dahl adaptation. “I mean, he’s sort of iconically Mister Movies. So when you get to be in a Steven Spielberg film, you really feel like you’ve done something. You’ve been part of real Hollywood, I suppose.”

More than anything else, Hall said, “I was excited to get to work on a film that [Spielberg] was making for children. For me those are the ones that I love of his — E.T. and all those films. Also to see him interact [with] and direct a child, because he knows how to do that so well. He knows how to get great performances out of kids.”

Watch the video above for more from Hall. The BFG opens July 1.

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