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Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sneak peek of The Baby Bachelor spin-off Baby Bachelorette

Meet Bianca and one of her tiny suitors in this exclusive clip from Monday’s show

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Hard to believe, but it’s been almost three years since Jimmy Kimmel’s toddler nephew Wesley chose Jesse (“I’m looking for a sugar daddy”) over Gabby (“My heart is broken in a million pieces”) and then had a poo-poo emergency at their wedding in the finale of The Baby Bachelor. Finally, Jimmy Kimmel Live is spinning off the franchise in a direction that millions have hoped/predicted: The Baby Bachelorette.

Meet Bianca: She is four years old, a Sagittarius, and looking for Mr. Right, Jr. In this following clip from the premiere, above, she gets her first look at Alex, a 39-month-old preschool-drop-out bad boy, who comes rumbling up on his motorcycle and revs up his first pick-up line.

The pint-sized fun gets underway tonight on JKL at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC, which debuts the latest season of the adult version of The Bachelorette tonight at 9 p.m.