Christopher Rosen
May 22, 2016 AT 03:15 PM EDT

Larry David wasn’t a cast member during the 41st season of Saturday Night Live, but viewers would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star played Bernie Sanders across multiple episodes, and even hosted one himself, so it was fitting to see David play the Vermont senator one last time before the show headed off for the summer.

David appeared as Sanders during the cold open of the season finale, a sketch that imagined a bar conversation between a defiant Sanders and his opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon).

“I’m not going anywhere,” David as Sanders says, despite hearing that the bar is closing — a spoof of Sanders’ attitude toward dropping out of the race as Clinton continues to hold a large lead in delegates.

Zingers between the opponents follow fast and furious (“Oh, Hillary, I’ll miss that lack of charm”), before Clinton offers Sanders three superdelegates for one last dance.

“I’ll lead,” Sanders says.

“Never,” replies Clinton.



Watch the full sketch below.

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