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Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bryan Cranston, President Obama share a fashion sense in NY Times photo

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

If Bryan Cranston wasn’t cool enough after having a “Super Sweet 60” party on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he is now for sharing a sartorial sense with President Barack Obama

Posing next to the Commander in Chief was an opportunity Cranston couldn’t refuse when he was asked about it for a New York Times photoshoot, but their matching outfits was “a total accident.” He told Kimmel, “It was a lot of fun, and I was very honored to be in that office.”


Cranston will be seen reprising his role of another U.S. president, Lyndon B. Johnson, in the HBO movie based on Cranston’s Broadway play LBJ. “I have two facial qualities that I share with LBJ that every man would love to have, and that’s beady eyes and thin lips,” the actor said. 

What he didn’t have were his “huge ears,” so he said he added earlobe extensions to get that extra length. Watch more from Cranston’s interview below.