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Stephen Colbert talks to kids about the election

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On the latest edition of his ongoing “Road to the White House” series, Stephen Colbert stopped by a classroom of elementary school kids to get their thoughts about the 2016 presidential election. As Colbert noted, kids are definitely familiar with the “mean nicknames and throwing tantrums” that have defined this bizarre campaign season. They also know a thing or two about the archetypes in play like “the girl who gets straight-A’s and doesn’t understand why she’s not more popular” or “the older guy who graduated years ago but keeps hanging around with college kids.” 

First, Colbert asked the kids if they know what the president does. Then he asked, one by one, if they recognized the race’s most prominent players. They didn’t really recognize Ted Cruz — most of them thought the Texas senator looked like Colbert or a snake — but a lot of them recognized Bernie Sanders. Colbert explained that Sanders “believes people don’t share enough.” “I think it’s fair to share,” several of the kids said.

Colbert moved on. “This is Hillary Clinton. She kind of seems like a grandma who gives you candy, but it’s not the kind of candy you like,” he said, prompting disgusted looks from the kids. “But you eat it anyway because it’s the only kind of candy that there is. You guys know what butterscotch is? Werther’s Original butterscotch candies? That’s all she has.”

Finally, it was time for Donald Trump. Colbert wanted to know what the kids thought of Trump’s hair, and one responded that it looked like “a creepy creature that crawled on top of him.” Colbert then asked who the kids thought the next president would be. They responded, as everyone else in Ameirca has, with an indecipherable cacophony of voices.

“There you have it,” Colbert said. Watch the clip below.