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Chelsea Handler and James Corden help crew member through Live Tinder

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James Corden is nothing if not unpredictable, even to the crew of his show. On Wednesday, he really surprised one team member in particular, audience manager Tiffany, by revealing that he was going to help her find a man through a game of “Live Tinder.” He even brought out Chelsea Handler to help advise her swiping decisions. 

The men came up one by one, at which point Tiffany would point with her foam finger. Swiping left would get him a chair, while swiping right sent the man into the ball pit. There were only three seats for chosen men, though they could be swapped out if more desirable men came later. So many rules! That’s what happens when you translate an intuitive app to three dimensions.

The first guy was attractive and leather-jacketed, but Tiffany worried he was “too perfect,” at which point Corden declared, “Every man in America is loving you right now.” So, into the ball pit for the hot guy.

“That’s a good call,” Handler said. “He’s cute, you can have sex with him, but yeah, you’re right.”

The third guy landed in a hot water with Corden because he winked. “He was literally an emoji,” Corden said. “And that emoji was an eggplant.” The wink worked, though, and third guy got a seat. 

The fifth guy, David, was “popular in the room,” even earning an audible “damn” from the audience. The seats were full already, but he was so popular he earned a seat. Eventuallly, he made it past the qualifying round and got a date with Tiffany… in a conference room. 

After the commercial break, Corden brought Tiffany and David back out and wanted to know if there would be a second date. “Why are you doing this to me?” Tiffany asked. Both agreed to a second date outside of a Late Late Show conference room, prompting Corden to declare “true love.”

Watch the clips below.