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Nice Guys: Joel Silver berates Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling in promo video

‘You won an Oscar, what, 50 years ago?’

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Warner Bros. via YouTube

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling have done a lot to promote their upcoming action-comedy The Nice Guys. They’ve done the talk show circuit. They went to therapy together. They even stopped by SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio to recount the story of that time Crowe strangled Matt Bomer. But according to Joel Silver, it’s not enough, and in a new promo video, the producer lays in on them about it.

Angry Birds is s—ing all over us, guys,” he tells them. “We’re getting killed. People only care about seeing what they know. Neighbors 2 has got a 2.”

“I think there’s a lot of unanswered questions from the first one that people want to know,” Gosling says. 

Silver goes on to explain that with summer movie season in full swing, The Nice Guys needs all the publicity it can get to survive, especially if it wants to stay relevant in a world of Marvel films and news about Blac Chyna’s pregnancy.  

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“We’re crawling through broken glass here,” Silver says. “We need help. I mean, Downey’s killing it. He’s killing it.”

“He’s a one-man charisma machine!” Gosling interjects.

The Nice Guys opens Friday.