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Brie Larson brings teen pop to the Oregon Trail in cut 'SNL' sketch

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Death on the Oregon Trail was a pretty commonplace occurrence, as anyone who grew up with a PC well knows, but breathy, overproduced teen pop isn’t something usually associated with the treacherous 1830s wagon trail.

In a sketch cut for time from her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, Brie Larson joins Aidy Bryant in some anachronistic fun: performing sexualized pop parodies during a funeral on the Oregon Trail. After Josiah pulls a My Girl and dies of a bee sting on the trail, his wife (Bryant) and daughter (Larson) step forward to perform a tribute to him at his funeral. Much to the shock of their buttoned-up travel companions (played by Taran Killam, Kate McKinnon, and Kenan Thompson), the mother-daughter pair loosen their bonnets and nasally sing two suggestive ditties in the vein of Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson.

In the end, Thompson tries to get in on the trend as well, but it doesn’t go as well. Watch the cut sketch below, and vote in our poll for best Saturday Night Live hosts of the season if you thought Larson killed it on her episode.