Magnolia Pictures
Oliver Gettell
May 10, 2016 AT 09:57 PM EDT

What begins as a lighthearted look at the so-called sport of “competitive endurance tickling” quickly descends into no-laughing-matter territory in the bewildering trailer for the investigative documentary Tickled.

A standout at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the movie follows David Farrier, a New Zealand pop-culture reporter who specializes in the weird and wacky — but nothing could prepare him for the shadowy figures, legal threats, and cyber-bullying he’d encounter while probing a series of online videos featuring young men paid to be tied up and tickled.

By the time an interview subject says, “They have tickle cells all over the U.S.,” your brain should be about ready to implode. Watch the trailer above.

Magnolia Pictures will release Tickled on June 17.

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