May 04, 2016 at 01:39 PM EDT

The Late Late Show With James Corden

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Susan Sarandon is an avid ping pong player, so much so that she even owns a ping pong bar in New York — the same ping pong bar, in fact, where Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious encounter with Prince took place. So when Sarandon stopped by The Late Late Show on Tuesday, host James Corden recruited her for a match. Their opponents were two young boys, which Corden and Sarandon took as a jumping-off point for all kinds of big brags.

“I’ve taken bigger dumps than you,” Corden told one of the boys, before dropping his ping pong ball on the ground. “What’s that? My balls just dropped. You’ll learn about that one day.”

Unfortunately for them, Corden and Sarandon couldn’t walk to back up this talk. They kept losing points, even when they tried playing with giant oversized paddles. Towards the end, one of the boys even hit the ball straight into Corden’s mouth; after Sarandon successfully Heimlich’d it out of him, the ball hit the table and bounced off. Corden called it a win.

Watch the clip below.

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