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Man builds a tiny Jurassic Park for his pet tortoise

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Murray Close/Getty Images

Every time a Jurassic Park has been built it has ended in disaster, but that didn’t stop a man from creating a miniature version for his pet tortoise.

The pet owner, whose YouTube username is Oliver Turpin, made a video that gives a tour of the new home he made for his tortoise, Louie. The entrance to Louie’s Jurassic Park includes the famed park gates welcoming visitors in the original film. Once inside there are grazing areas, a pool, gates to keep Louie contained, and most importantly, a visitor’s center.

The video plays just like the scene in Jurassic Park where Sam Neill and Laura Dern’s characters first discover the park, complete with John Williams’ score, “Welcome to Jurassic Park,” playing.

Watch the full video above.