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Game of Thrones theories: Home, season 6 episode 2

We ask the burning questions about season 6, episode 2 in new ‘Game of Theories’

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Helen Sloan/HBO

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from season 6 of Game of Thrones. Read at your own risk!

Yes, yes, we’re all excited Jon Snow’s back from the dead, but what about everything else that happened this week on Game of Thrones? In EW’s Game of Theories, we break down the biggest questions from the second episode, including: What just happened in Pyke? (A death, a funeral, and an upcoming Kingsmoot, that’s what.) Why is it important to visit Bran’s family history? (Because R+L=J, and also, next week’s hour features the Tower of Joy, aka That Time Ned Stark Came This Close to Saving His Sister!) Will the Lannisters succeed against the Faith Militant? (Possibly, but only if Ser Pounce joins the fray.)

Of course, there’s no way we can get to every tidbit in this analysis. There are so many more questions to be asked: Does Tyrion’s success with the dragons point to something deeper in his family history? Could the Greyjoy ships come in handy to replace Daenerys’ burned Meereen fleet? Can someone please stab Ramsay in the face? If I’ve failed to hit one of your theories in this week’s episode, make sure to tweet me at @shirklesxp so I can start to know a little more than nothing. Take that, Jon Snow.

Episode 1 of Game of Theories, covering the burning questions from the season 6 premiere, can be found here.