April 28, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Nice Guys throws Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe back to 1977. But let’s pretend the movie was actually made back then.

A new trailer for Shane Black’s (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) next film was made as an old-school one, with the beats, voiceover, and camera filter making you pine for the days of celluloid.

Gosling plays a P.I. going through a rough patch who teams up with a not-so-nice guy (Crowe) to help track down a missing girl. “Trouble has a way of finding them — that’s just how they like it,” the hype-man voiceover says.

The film slyly nods to the long career of one its stars, by claiming it as Kim Basinger’s first movie role. If the movie were released in 1977 — the supposed setting of the movie — it would have been the actress’ on-screen debut. (Her cinematic debut came in 1981’s Hard Country.)

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This spot marks another viral video for the Warner Bros. movie. Earlier this week, Gosling and Crowe starred in a “Couples Therapy” session. As they hash out their fake issues, Gosling dramatically denies ever uttering the phrase “Hey, girl” that helped turn him into a feminist meme.

The Nice Guys arrives May 20.

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