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Nice Guys sketch video: Ryan Gosling dramatically tells Russell Crowe he’s never even said 'Hey Girl'

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Few celebrities are as entrenched in Internet culture as Ryan Gosling. Whether he’s sharing feminist wisdom or refusing to eat his cereal, Gosling is practically a walking meme — and no Gosling meme is as enduring and pervasive as “Hey Girl.”

But in a new sketch video with Nice Guys costar Russell Crowe, Gosling drops a bombshell, revealing that he’s never actually uttered the words “Hey Girl.”

A series of promotional videos for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys finds Crowe and Gosling in couples therapy (with Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch as their therapist). In the latest installment, Crowe confronts Gosling about his self-promotional tendencies and the overabundance of Gosling fan merchandise, most of which is emblazoned with “Hey Girl.”

“I never said it!” Gosling tells Crowe. “I understand if you’re in a movie and you say, ‘You complete me,’ or ‘I’m just a girl standing in front of a guy,’ and that follows you around, and you’ve got to own that. But I never said it.”

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Gosling adds that he doesn’t deserve to be called a feminist, either. “Feminist? That’s a title you’ve got to earn,” Gosling says in the video. “I’ve never burned a bra. I’m not a good person. I don’t even compost, man!”

The Nice Guys stars Gosling and Crowe as a private eye and a hitman trying to solve a missing persons case. It hits theaters on May 20.