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Ryan Gosling loves 'The Monster Squad'

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Everett Collection

One of the big reasons Ryan Gosling signed on to star alongside Russell Crowe in action-comedy The Nice Guys (out May 20) was his desire to work with writer-director Shane Black and legendary producer Joel Silver. That duo are still probably best known for collaborating on 1987’s Black-penned buddy-cop blockbuster Lethal Weapon, but Gosling was really keen to share some air with the pair because of two other ’80s classics: 1987’s kiddie-friendly terror tale The Monster Squad (which Black cowrote with the film’s director, Fred Dekker) and the following year’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit (in which Silver makes a cameo as a director).

“The script [for The Nice Guys] was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read,” says Gosling, 35, about his decision to take the role of boozy L.A. private investigator who teams with Crowe’s heavy-for-hire to find a missing girl. “And then, obviously, [there was] Russell, who is an acting hero of everyone in my generation. But Joel and Shane just creeped their way into my subconsciousness at a very young age. Between Joel being the screaming director on Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Shane writing Monster Squad, they made a big impression in my early film life.”

You can see the trailer for The Nice Guys below, and check out Monster Squad above.