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Manifest Destiny comic writer talks Sasquatch arc, shares exclusive images

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Skybound Entertainment, Image Comics, Matthew Roberts

Chris Dingess is the creator of acclaimed comic Manifest Destiny, which finds legendary explorers Lewis and Clark having to battle an array of different monsters on their famous journey through the western half of the U.S. But Dingess admits that credit for his baby must also go to a pair of muses which have aided countless creative types since time immemorial. We refer, naturally, to Mistresses Booze and Jealousy.

“I was drinking with some friends,” recalls Dingess, a TV writer-executive producer whose credits include Agent Carter. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had come out, and it was, like, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. I was ranting: ‘All you have to do is take history, and smash monsters into it, and then you can just make money!’ I was like, ‘You could just say, Lewis and Clark are actually fighting monsters and demons!'”

And that’s when Dingess felt suddenly sober — and inspired. 

“I was like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m going to make money off of that which I was just railing against!'” he laughs.

Manifest Destiny, which is published by Robert Kirkman’s Image comics imprint Skybound, has already seen our hero-explorers take on a zombie-creating fungus and a race of half-man, half-buffalo creatures. Now, Dingess is throwing Sasquatch into the mix.

“The Sasquatch arc takes us up around the territory of the Dakotas as Lewis and Clark make their way west,” the writer explains. “But a huge chunk of this story is showing a previous mission of two men, Flewelling and Helm. We’ve shown glimpses of them, but this is really a chance to dig into their story, and what happened when they first came across these one-eyed Sasquatches.”

The six-part Sasquatch story begins in issue #19 of Manifest Destiny, which arrives in stores next month, with art from Matthew Roberts, Tony Akins, and Owen Gieni. 

You can exclusively see the comic’s cover above and four pages from the issue, below. 

Skybound Entertainment, Image Comics, Matthew Roberts
Skybound Entertainment, Image Comics, Matthew Roberts

Full image here.

Skybound Entertainment, Image Comics, Matthew Roberts