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The 100: Raven takes command of the second AI in Demons

This is a smart group of Space Kids

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The CW

On The 100, it’s not uncommon for episodes to revolve around epic battles, devastating losses, or even large-scale massacres. But right now, in Thursday’s episode, “Demons,” the focus is on a small piece of tech.

As shown in the above exclusive sneak peek, Raven, Sinclair, Clarke, and Monty are trying to figure out how to actually use that mysterious, potentially world-saving chip.

After successfully removing the first A.I. from Raven’s neck, the gang must either find Luna (the only living nightblood aside from the out-of-control Ontari) or a way to take command of the second A.I. in the tech. What the Grounders call the “flame” is the only thing A.L.I.E. needs to take full control of the Ground.

Luckily, our heroes are a smart bunch; with Sinclair’s knowledge of Latin (because of course he knows Latin), Raven is able to find a way to activate the flame. So …. now what?

“Demons” airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on The CW.