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Reggie Watts throws birthday party for James Corden

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The bond between late-night host and bandleader can often get so close it becomes a core of the show. No surprise, then, that for James Corden’s birthday, Reggie Watts took it upon himself to organize an extravagant celebration. Watts got the whole audience to sing “Happy Birthday” before bringing out a huge cake and dancing girls doing the can-can. The party even included a video message from Corden’s parents, who once covered the Super Bowl for the show, and a giant harp as a gift. There was just one problem.

“Reg, this is embarrassing because it genuinely isn’t my birthday,” Corden said. “My birthday is on Aug. 22.”

Watts deferred to his smartwatch, which said that Monday was “James’ birthday,” but it actually referred to a cameraman named James. So Watts just reset everything and brought it back out for the real birthday boy, much to Corden’s consternation.

Watch the full clip below.