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April 09, 2016 at 02:31 PM EDT

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Jimmy Fallon has a new game. It’s called Famous Face-Off, and it’s kind of like Catchphrase meets Heads Up! Kerry Washington and Ken Jeong were the lucky guests to introduce the game on The Tonight Show, and things got intense once the Scandal star put on her game face. 

Each of the four players, including Fallon and his Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins, took turns holding up a cut-out of a celebrity’s face and guessing the identity based on clues from their partner. The competitors may have group hugged it out in the beginning, but Washington wasn’t happy to lose the first round. 

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Watch the game below. 


Washington will be seen next as Anita Hill in the HBO original film Confirmation, while Jeong stars in the ABC series Dr. Ken.

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