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Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon play Box of Lies

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Jimmy Fallon has so many actors as guests on The Tonight Show, it makes sense that one of his recurring games revolves around acting. As in previous iterations, the “Box of Lies” game Fallon played with Russell Crowe on Thursday required the players to act convincingly. Each player takes turns with a random box, whose contents they have to describe in a way that confuses their opponent about whether they’re lying or not.

That’s not easy when you get an object like Crowe’s first box: a xylophone covered with miniature Australian sheepdogs. The dog detail in particular proved tricky for Fallon, who claimed it was a lie. No such luck.

Fallon was able to hit back with his box. A junk drawer filled with soy sauce packets and other random objects. Fallon said, “Every American mother has one,” which tripped up Crowe. Even after Crowe claimed Fallon was lying, the host gave him a second chance at guessing. But Crowe doubled down and messed it up.

The final round featured Crowe getting a box of a starfish with baby hands on each tip, or “something that every Australian mother has.” It was too weird to make up, which Fallon understood and used to win the game. 

Watch the clip below.