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Patton Oswalt Netflix special Talking for Clapping trailer

‘Talking for Clapping’ begins streaming April 22

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Patton Oswalt has covered a wide range of topics in his lengthy career in comedy and acting, from voicing Ratatouille to narrating The Goldbergs to detailing his film addiction in the book Silver Screen Fiend. But everything always comes back to his nerdiness. His previous comedy specials are dotted with references to comics and sci-fi (including the fear that his kid will trash his Blade Runner gun), and in 2013 he went viral thanks to his improvised Parks and Recreation filibuster about a potential Star Wars/Marvel crossover. According to the new trailer for Oswalt’s upcoming Netflix special Talking for Clapping, he still hasn’t let go of his nerdy side. The difference is now, he wants to use it for good.

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“I don’t know why they didn’t have me go to terminal wards where patients don’t want to let go of life, and just let me talk about Star Wars,” Oswalt said. “They would’ve flatlined after 30 seconds. ‘You know Dengar’s ship was called The Punishing One and it’s interesting how—’ BOOP. ‘Go to the next room, Patton.’ ” 

The trailer also features jokes about jerk baristas (“San Francisco is the capital of the snappy response to the totally reasonable question”) and the important distinctions between different proms (“The gay kids’ prom will make the straight kids’ prom look like dog s—“). Watch it above, and check out the key art below. Talking for Clapping hits Netflix on April 22.