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Life on the Road trailer: David Brent is back

Ricky Gervais returns in all his inappropriate glory

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Ricky Gervais pulled off the free love freeway on Thursday morning to drop the first teaser trailer for Life on the Road, a.k.a. his return to playing David Brent from The Office.

“He’s back!” Gervais as Brent says in the trailer as he walks into an office (though probably not the same office from The Office). “Did you miss me?” What follows is a talking head interview with Brent, where he explains what has been going on since the BBC “documentary” The Office went off the air. “I’m currently a singer-songwriter, and a rep,” Brent says.

Back inside the office, Brent provides an example of the type of songs he plays, highlighting one that’s “about rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s a metaphor for sex.”

“There’s a party in my pants, and everybody’s coming,” Brent sings before asking the woman how she thinks he spells the word coming. She acquiesces. “C-u-m-i-n,” Brent says in response to her question. “That’s cumin,” the woman replies, referring to the plant.

As it turns out, Brent is indeed back.