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Nick Offerman made Stephen Colbert a table

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In addition to creating the indelible Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman might be best known for his love of woodworking. He showed off that skill once again during his appearance on The Late Show. After walking in and dancing to Jon Batiste’s band, Offerman sat down and grabbed a mug, only to find there was no table to place it on.

“This is weird, I have a few pieces with me that I’m still putting finish on,” Offerman said. “Let me grab something really quick.”

Lo, Offerman produced a handmade, three-legged wooden table, made of “California myrtle, with eastern black walnut legs.” Offerman gave a shout-out to his woodworking website, Offerman Woodshop, and placed his mug comfortably on the table, but only before demanding a coaster to protect his handiwork.

“Here, you can use the questions I was gonna ask you,” Colbert offered. Crisis averted.

Watch the clip below.