March 31, 2016 at 05:25 PM EDT

Following its midseason premiereEmpire is giving us a taste of what to expect in the rest of the second half with a short, drama-packed teaser. Most notably, the minute-long video indicates that there is a whole lot to come for the increasingly unhinged Anika. 

The teaser is titled “A Rose by Any Other Name,” denoting both the Shakespearean influences of the show (although much more King Lear than Romeo & Juliet) and the importance that family names will play in the upcoming episodes. (You’ll remember Hakeem recently renounced his Lyon surname, and has now pushed his family further by ousting his father from Empire Records.)

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As the midseason premiere did, the trailer focuses largely on Hakeem’s storyline, namely his family tension after taking over Empire and his romantic affiliations with both Camilla and Anika. Speaking of Anika, she’ll begin using her pregnancy by Hakeem to put pressure on Lucious (although he still doesn’t trust her), revealing to everyone that she’s carrying a Lyon heir.

Some other notable moments include Andre becoming paranoid that Rhonda is cheating on him, and Jamal meeting up with his ex-boyfriend, Michael. Check out the trailer for yourself above.

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