March 30, 2016 at 11:22 AM EDT

John Cena’s new reality TV series is called American Grit, but his Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show was decidedly un-gritty. He and host Jimmy Fallon played a game of “Sticky Balls,” as in, they wore velcro suits and threw balls at each other to see who got stuck with the most by the end. It did not refer, as some might have supposed, to making a dessert, or otherwise. Fallon could hardly explain the game without Questlove throwing in a joking drum snare.

Cena started off the game with some intimidation, telling Fallon, “If you throw something at me, I’ll kill you,” but the game eventually settled into a smooth rhythm. After 30 seconds were up, both players were wiped out and covered in balls.

“Just a couple dudes playing Sticky Balls, exhausted,” Cena said.

As Cena and Fallon counted each other’s balls (“you’ve at least got two”), it came down to a photo finish. In the end, though, Fallon was able to sneak away with the win, having hit Cena with 18 sticky balls.

Watch the full clip below.

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