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Starz and Encore networks are rebranding

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With Outlander coming back on April 9, there’s no time like the present for its home base, Starz, to take on a new look and a new outlook. The network is set to reposition its collection of channels, including its sister cable network, Encore, next month.

Starz announced that Encore channels will now be billed as Starz Encore channels, brought under the overall Starz umbrella. The most demonstrable change to viewers is that this rebranding also gives Encore subscribers access to Starz original series, including Outlander, Power, and Black Sails.

“As the insurgent in the original programming landscape, Starz has made a point of serving the fan first, while staying true to the creators and the powerful stories they tell,” Starz’s president of Global Marketing and Product Planning Jeffrey Hirsch said in a statement alongside the announcement.

In addition to the new access for Encore subscribers and a new logo (viewable above), Starz is also rebranding its focus with a new tagline — “Starz: Obsessable.”

The Starz and Encore unification will begin on April 5, as the new “Obsessable” campaign and Encore rebranding goes into effect, For more on Starz’s series, check out the latest on Outlander as well as the newest casting from Bryan Fuller’s upcoming take on American Gods.