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Claire Danes and Jimmy Fallon play Fast Family Feud

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Family Feud is one of the most beloved and longest-running game shows still on TV… but what if it was even faster? On Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Claire Danes and Jimmy Fallon played a slimmer, sleeker variant of Family Feud. There were no families involved, just the host and guest, and barely any time was given to buzz in.

Things naturally got high-pitched and intense right away. Danes accidentally fed Fallon an answer for the first category — “name something you call someone when you can’t remember their name” — even though he had buzzed in first. This gave Fallon an early point and prompted a curse from Danes. Fallon quickly won the next category (“most common text message abbreviation”) as well.

For round three, Danes finally managed to buzz in first for “name something you bring back from spring break,” but she provided the exact opposite answer: “Homework.” (We guess this is what happens when your acting career takes off at age 15.) Fallon fell out of his chair at that, before winning the category with “STD.”

Luckily, the final round played right into Danes’ strengths: “What’s a clean word you can say instead of a curse word?” Even though she’d lost steadily up to that point, Danes’ use of “fudge” and “shoot” ended up winning her the game.

Watch the clip below.