Dalton Ross
March 27, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

At the end of Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, AMC showed a preview for next week’s 90-minute season finale. And in said preview we got a first look at the big bad everyone has been waiting for.

Yes, Negan is coming, and you can see and hear him for yourself in the preview clip above. Even more frightening than Negan is his barbed wire covered baseball bat named Lucille, and we get an image of Lucille that may be a little too close for comfort if you are familiar with the damage she inflicts in the comic books.

Get your terrifying first look at the dangerous duo above, and also make sure to watch a sneak peek of a full scene from the finale and read our penultimate episode Q&A with Norman Reedus on that shocking ending.

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