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Stephen Colbert toasts Marco Rubio, talks Donald Trump in latest Hungry for Power Games

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This week’s presidential primaries eliminated yet another candidate: Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race after losing his home state of Florida to Donald Trump. Once again, Stephen Colbert was on hand to toast the dropout with a new installment of the “Hungry for Power Games.” The field is getting real sparse, though; before Rubio’s withdrawal there were only six candidates left, making them “like the Beatles but there’s six of them and they’re all Ringo,” as Colbert said. 

Colbert called Rubio “the boy whose birthday party your parents made you attend” and mocked his concession speech, in which the Florida senator thanked his supporters and said “there’s nothing more you could’ve done.”

“Well you could’ve voted for him, but besides that, no,” Colbert said. “So for the record, Florida votes yes on Jimmy Buffett, yes on releasing pythons into toilets. On Marco Rubio? No, thanks.”

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Colbert compared Rubio to fellow Florida politician Jeb Bush, as two “establishment” candidates who failed to gain any traction with voters, thus opening the door to a more unconventional campaign. 

“With Tribute Trump marching toward Capital City, I’d just like to say, everything’s going to be fine,” Colbert said, his voice cracking. “We gamemakers are still in full control of the games. Andro! Prepare the escape pod to the forbidden zone!”

Watch the full clip below.