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Daredevil: Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Let Charlie Cox explain

Allow Matt Murdock himself (a.k.a. Charlie Cox) to explain

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Marvel, Netflix

Lines have been drawn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Civil War looms, everyone’s choosing a side — even the characters who won’t be joining the fray.

In a conversation with EW, Daredevil star Charlie Cox addresses the tough decision Matt Murdock would theoretically face: Would Daredevil side with Captain America or would he fall in line with Iron Man?

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Given that Daredevil is still cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen in the wake of the Battle of New York, he would have quite the personal stake in the match-up if he were to enter the MCU’s Civil War. In the comics, Daredevil sides with Steve Rogers. So does Cox think his iteration of the character would align with Cap?

In the video above, Cox explains his reasoning. For more from The Man Without Fear, find out how the season prepares Matt for The Defenders, and be sure to check out EW’s review of the latest installment. Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.