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Pretty Little Liars finale postmortem: The twin speaks!

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WARNING: This post contains spoilers from “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars,” the season 6B finale of Pretty Little Liars.

For years, Pretty Little Liars fans have been theorizing about the presence of a twin. The “twin theory” was something that began in Sara Shepard’s books — where Ali ended up having a twin — and the show toyed with it a number of times, showing two identical blonde girls dressed in the same outfit. But it wasn’t until the season 6B finale that the show revealed the identity of its twin: Mary Drake. More importantly, Mary is the twin of Ali’s mother, Jessica DiLaurentis. 

But what is Mary’s story? And why does she seem to have such a grudge against Ali? We spoke with the twin herself, Andrea Parker, about her return to the show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What has the fan reaction been so far?

ANDREA PARKER: It’s extraordinary. These fans are an integral part of this experience, they make the show for us. PLL is all about the fans. It’s a mutual adoration society with all the fans for all of us. It’s a love fest, even though Mrs. D was a little creepy and had some secrets, was a bit untrustworthy. I was overwhelmed with the love that I received. It’s such a relief as Mary for the fans to be equally as excited and not upset with me. I’m thrilled that they are embracing Mary.

What was your reaction when you found this out?

I won’t exaggerate when I say my mouth was agape at the table read when we all read this out loud together for the first time. [Laughs.] It was very exciting! I’m just so happy to have a new character, to have some fresh blood. 

You mentioned that Mrs. D had her creepy moments, but Mary is another story. How do these characters two differ for you in terms of playing them?

Though they are identical twins, I think that there hearts are very different. Jessica’s heart was in the right place. I think she was consistently trying her best to do the right thing. Mary, perhaps not so much. [Laughs.] 

That’s the nicest way to put it: Perhaps she’s not great.

[Laughs.] She is definitely darker. Even in the looks, Mrs. D had her chic little scarves and her high collars but she was a little frumpier. We aged her up a little bit with the frumpy khakis. Mary’s look is more current and edgier.

I saw you mention you had to keep this secret for something like six months?

Yes, we shot this in October of last year, so I’ve known for six months, and having to keep this secret from the fans has been really difficult. Just because we have such a relationship. We engage through social media, and it’s been really hard for me to not be able to share with them how fun this is and all the fun things that Marlene [King] has in store for us. 

We’ve talked about how Mary’s a bit darker, and in the finale she mentioned the Carissimi group, but what can you say about what motivates her. Is she motivated by revenge, money, all of the above?

Oh yes! Revenge, money, jealousy, love, vengeance, YES. All of it. 

Just yes.

[Laughs.] Just yes.

Marlene mentioned we’ll get a bit more backstory moving forward. Did they give you much to craft this character?

Mostly what I have so far are plot points. I’m going to do my own work to fill in the rest of her personality and her backstory, but I will definitely be getting together with Marlene before we start shooting next month to make sure I’m up-to-date. 

How ironic would it be if Mary killed Mrs. D?

That would be awesome. [Laughs.]

You’re into all of it.

Absolutely! I’m gonna dive in head first. Why not?

Being a villain on this show, the sky’s the limit. What are you most looking forward to?

I don’t know if this sounds weird, but I’m looking forward to playing her emotional journey. I am no longer scared of the dark places within my own self to magnify and become Mary. So look out, b—-es. [Laughs.]