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How to Get Away with Murder boss offers 5 cryptic season finale teases

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Nicole Wilder/ABC

After a season of shocking parentage reveals, sexy hookups, and plenty of dirty deeds, How to Get Away with Murder‘s upcoming season finale will answer that eponymous question: Can they, once again, get away with murder?

After discovering that Frank (Charlie Weber) killed Lila, Annalise (Viola Davis) has run home to mama (Cicely Tyson), leaving the Keating Five to deal with crazy Phillip (Jefferson White) still on the loose, knowing the truth that they played a role in Emily Sinclair’s death. Will everyone survive the finale? Will Wes seek out his bio-dad? Will the Keating Five ever actually study?! EW pressed executive producer Pete Nowalk for five very cryptic teases about the season-ender:

  • “Dads play an important role.”
  • “There’s dancing.”
  • “An arrest warrant is issued.”
  • “Oliver does a naughty thing.”
  • “Annalise has a secret.”

The season 2 finale of How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.