Christian Holub
March 08, 2016 AT 04:13 PM EST

Almost every actor comes from inauspicious beginnings. And as Jimmy Kimmel told Naomi Watts on his Monday show, “I’s a time-honored tradition on American talk shows where we dig up a commercial from your past and embarrass you with it.” Jimmy Fallon did it with Mark Ruffalo a few weeks back, and now Kimmel has done the same to Watts. The talk-show host unearthed an old commercial the actress did for Tom’s Meats, which Watts said was even weirder given she was a vegetarian at the time.

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The commerical features a young Watts winning a radio contest for dinner with Tom Cruise, only to turn it down because her mom’s making a lamb roast dinner. The commerical ends with a tagline: “Nothing comes before a roast lamb dinner.” 

Watts didn’t know Cruise at the time, but said he’s aware of the commercial’s existence. 

Watch the full clip below.

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