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Hamilton, Star Trek mashup video

‘When are we gonna see those shields up?/When are we gonna see those shields up?’

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Zade Rosenthal

What would Hamilton sound like if Lin-Manuel Miranda had chosen to write about not a real politician from more than 200 years ago, but instead a fictional science officer from the future? The answer arrived today in the rather wonderful form of “My Spock,” a song by comics writer Jackson Lanzing (Batman & Robin Eternal, Joyride) which retools the Broadway sensation into a tribute to one Mr. Spock of the USS Enterprise.

You can see the video for “My Spock” above. All together now! “I am not throwing away my Spock/I am not throwing away my Spock/Yo, my heart’s like my planet, a black hole of red granite/but I’m not throwing away my Spock…”