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February 08, 2016 at 05:56 PM EST

The Magicians

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Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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Jason Ralph, Arjun Gupta, Stella Maeve
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On Hiatus

Quentin Coldwater won’t be leaving the magical world anytime soon.

Syfy has renewed The Magicians, the adaptation of Lev Grossman’s acclaimed trilogy of books, for a 13-episode season 2. The series officially premiered on Jan. 25, with the show’s pilot having aired early in December on Syfy.The second season is expected to air sometime in 2017.

The Magicians follows Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), who discovers his potential to become a magician when he becomes enrolled in the secret magical school of Brakebills University, while his best friend Julia (Stella Maeve) ventures out on her own path once being rejected from the school. But for Quentin, a fan of the fictional Fillory and Further book series and other fantasy stories throughout his life, this new magical phase of his life is filled with more darkness than Quentin could have expected. He and a group of fellow students encounter the Beast, and must contend to save their own lives as well as those around them while facing this and other threats.

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The Syfy series also stars Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice, Hale Appleman as Eliot, Arjun Gupta as Penny, and Summer Bishil as Margo. Rick Worthy as Dean Fogg and Jade Tailor as Kady will also return as regulars in season two of the series, the source material for which takes up a noticeably different story (including a departure from Brakebills) in each entry of the trilogy.

The Magicians airs Mondays on Syfy. Check out an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, and read EW’s recap of the last week’s episode ahead of the newest installment.

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