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Michael Moore has Italy envy in exclusive Where To Invade Next clip

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In Where to Invade Next, muckraking filmmaker Michael Moore is a one-man army. He travels to distant corners of the globe, but not to spread American democracy. On the contrary, he visits foreign cultures to cherrypick their best ideas, many of which are fundamental policies that reflect American ideals and priorities.

Take the middle class for example. Though a thriving American middle class was once considered a great national achievement, it’s been a tough several decades for millions of working Americans in that shrinking demo. While the 1 percent has grown wealthier, the poor have grown poorer and the middle class has been struggling to keep up. There’s stagnant wages, longer work hours, and the rising price of higher education, which cripples the next generation with debt. Extravagant vacations, or even a reasonable amount of time off from work to recharge the batteries? Good luck.

But in this exclusive clip from the new documentary, Moore discovers that elements of the American Dream are alive in well in places like Italy. Meet the attractive middle-class couple that travels the world because their employers not only give them time off but finance some of their vacations with a year-end bonus. The Italian economy has seen better days, but hard-pressed Americans counterparts who can’t afford even half an equivalent adventure might be tempted to purchase a one-way ticket for Rome after seeing this couple’s photo album. 

Where to Invade Next, which debuted to widespread praise at the Toronto Film Festival last year, opens in theaters on Feb. 12.