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The Tonight Show‘s web exclusive series “My Worst Audition” continued Wednesday with a segment for John Oliver. As all dedicated viewers of Oliver’s Last Week Tonight know, Oliver’s comedy is often founded on light self-deprecation. The tale of his worst audition, however, takes his level of awkwardness and embarrassment straight into the stratosphere. 

According to Oliver, he doesn’t go in for many auditions, because he’s not really an actor (“I don’t really have range. I can just speak like this, with degrees of volume”). But he did once audition for a deodorant commercial back in England. There was a speaking role up for grabs, but the people in charge wanted to see what Oliver looked like before they hired him to be shirtless in a deodorant commercial. 

“So I kind of awkwardly took off my shirt, and they looked underwhelmed,” Oliver said. “Then I said, ‘Should we do the speaking role?’ And they said, ‘Nah it’s okay.’ “

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Unfortunately for Oliver, the embarraassment didn’t even end there.

“It’s a pretty humiliating way to put a shirt back on,” Oliver said. “It came off quick, [and] it went back on slow as I, completely humiliated, gradually buttoned my shirt back up and thought, ‘Maybe I should go to the gym.’ That thought had already left my head by the time I exited that building. To be honest, I haven’t used spray deodorant since then.”

Watch the clip below.

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