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Groundhog Day to play over and over and over again at English movie theater

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Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Groundhog Day is getting the Groundhog Day treatment this — you guessed it — Groundhog Day.

The Liverpool Small Cinema in England announced plans to screen Harold Ramis’s 1993 comedy about an obnoxious weatherman (Bill Murray) stuck living the same day over and over on Feb. 2. And not just once. Or twice. The film will repeat for 24 hours straight. 

“Why?” the theater wrote. “Because we can. Because it’s where film exhibition meets futile endurance, where cinephilia meets utter folly.”

Those interested in celebrating Groundhog Day this way can choose from four tiers of tickets that range in price from 2 pounds to 10. The screenings kick off at 6 a.m. on Feb. 2 and will run every two hours for the following 24 hours. Find out more at the Small Cinema website.