January 20, 2016 at 02:30 PM EST

Aubrey Plaza isn’t just adept at awkward comedy on the likes of Parks and Recreation; she’s also the master of awkward interviews. Her Thursday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! continued this tradition. For a start, Plaza recently tore her ACL, so she entered Kimmel’s studio on fellow guest Zach Galifianakis’ back, cane in hand. Plaza told Jimmy Kimmel that her injury occurred right before she had to go to her friend’s wine-tasting bachelor party. 

“If you’ve never done a wine-tasting in a wheelchair, you should try it,” Plaza said. “It’s great. You don’t know how drunk you are, because you don’t have to stand.”

Plaza was on the show to discuss Dirty Grandpa, in which her character has sex with Robert DeNiro. DeNiro is one of the most celebrated actors of all time, but Plaza said she was able to impress him a couple of times.

“There’s one scene where I have to throw up. In the first take I threw up and then I tried to kiss him, and he really had a reaction like, ‘Ugh, get away from me,’ ” Plaza said. “And then after they cut it he said, ‘That was very good. I believed that you had thrown up.’ “

“That’s all you really dream of as an actor,” Kimmel said. “Making Robert DeNiro blanch.”

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