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MGMT look back at their breakout single, 'Time to Pretend'

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Wendy Redfern/Redferns file

MGMT made their debut back in 2005 with “Time to Pretend,” a track the duo wrote “about becoming rockstars and destroying our lives,” Ben Goldwasser says on a new episode of the Song Exploder podcast, which EW named one of its favorite music podcasts, where he and Andrew VanWyngarden dissect the song’s origins.

In the episode, the two talk about how they wrote the song on the same laptops they used to write papers when they were “totally broke” college students. “The band was a joke about being rockstars,” Goldwasser says. “That was the kind of whole shtick of the band in college, was that we’d be playing in someone’s living room for 15 people and we’d be wearing fake fur coats and sunglasses and drinking champagne and just acting like fools,” VanWyngarden adds.

Goldwasser and VanWyngarden also reveal what subtle Easter eggs you can find in “Time to Pretend” — like the piano part from ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” — and talk working with Grammy-winning producer Dave Fridmann to upgrade the track for their full-length debut, 2008’s Oracular Spectacular. Listen to the episode below below.

And as a refresher, here’s MGMT’s “Time to Pretend.”