Lynette Rice
January 19, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EST

Ken Kratz, the former prosecutor in the now-infamous Steven Avery case tells Gothamist that he’s gained zero admirers since Making a Murderer made him out to look like, well, a colossal jerk.

“The bravado was necessary for the presentation of the case,” Kratz told comedian Jena Friedman, in an attempt to describe his cocky personality in the 10-part docuseries. “It’s important that people understand I’m not that person anymore … my personality should not factor in whether man is innocent or guilty.“

Kratz went on to describe himself as a Leo — at least for the first 35 years of his life — who has been called a “piece of sh–” since the docuseries began airing on Netflix. And just in case you conspiracy theorists were wondering, he did not murder Teresa Halbach in 2005. “I have an alibi for Oct. 31,” he told Friedman, who called some of the comedian’s questions “entertaining” before answering in all seriousness.

After Murderer debuted, Kratz release statements saying the docuseries left out key pieces of evidence. “You don’t want to muddy up a perfectly good conspiracy movie with what actually happened,” Kratz told PEOPLE by email, “and certainly not provide the audience with the evidence the jury considered to reject that claim.”

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