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SNL: Golden Globes sketch with Liev Schreiber, Adam Driver parties hard



We’ve heard it countless times in countless awards speechs: “Kids, if you’re watching this, go to bed.” But what are these kids up to while Mom and Dad celebrate their wins? Based on SNL‘s Golden Globes sketch, it involves staying up late and fearing the worst. 

While two Golden Globe winners (played by SNL host Adam Driver and Vanessa Bayer) party like it’s a Hangover movie with Liev Schreiber, their kids have to do what their parents said. Watch the sketch below. 

As mom snorts cocaine off of her trophy and dad gets in a fight with a security guard, little Cody and Madison worry they might never come home. Thankfully, they do, and they bring with them a special house guest: a half-naked Schreiber making breakfast. It’s the best part of waking up!