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Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon play Drinko: Video

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

The latest stop on the Ride Along 2 press tour brought Kevin Hart to The Tonight Show Tuesday night. There, he and fellow merry prankster Jimmy Fallon competed in game of Drinko, a variation on Plinko, where the two participants randomly select drinks to mix together. Hart cried foul early after his first turn stuck him with mulled wine and Hennessy.

“Oh that kills me — how the black guy somehow mysteriously picks Hennessy,” Hart said. “Okay. All right. What’s next? You got some Colt 45?”

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The two competitors spent the entire game cheering for the other one to get the worst option on the board: pea soup. After Fallon’s final round landed him with a surprisingly palatable combination of Capri-Sun and Tang, the host gracefully took one for the team, and added pea soup to his mix.The combo so disoriented him, he forgot both the outcome of the game, and the meaning of taste.

“Not bad, actually,” Fallon said after downing the whole cocktail. “Not too shabby. Oh my gosh. I’m the winner? No, I’m the loser.”

Watch the full clip below.