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Legends of Tomorrow to welcome DC Comics' Jonah Hex


DC Comics

The CW’s upcoming time-traveling superhero series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will welcome DC Comics antihero Jonah Hex, EW has learned.

In the comics, Jonah Hex is a legendary Civil War veteran-turned-bounty hunter with his own moral code. Known as the deadliest man alive, Hex has a horribly disfigured face, which is otherwise known as the mark of the demon.

“Ever since we decided that Legends would involve time travel, we were eager to do a story set in the Old West,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. “But if you’re going to do a story set in the DC Universe version of the Old West, you simply must include Jonah Hex in it. We’re thrilled about bringing another well known, beloved DC character to television.”

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Jonah Hex was previously brought to life by Josh Brolin in the 2010 live-action film of the same name. Thomas Jane and Adam Baldwin have also both voiced the character in different animated projects.

No word yet on who will portray Jonah Hex, but the character is slated to first appear in episode 11, with the possibility to recur.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow debuts Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.