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Colin Meloy tweets erotic fan fiction about the Oregon militia

The Decemberists singer is having a lot of fun with this standoff

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Jackie Butler/WireImage; AP photo/Rick Bowmer

It only took a few days for 2016 to produce its first bewildering news story, when an armed militia led by Ammon Bundy seized an empty building belonging to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Strangely, after days of occupation the militia members have still not released any specific demands, and there does not appear to be any serious attempt by federal agents to forcibly remove them.

The Decemberists singer Colin Meloy decided to match absurdity with absurdity by tweeting erotic fan fiction about the situation. That’s right.

Eventually, some of Meloy’s Twitter followers took up his hashtag and contributed short stories of their own.

Eventually Meloy was triumphant, when his #bundyeroticfanfic hashtag started trending on Twitter. Fans shouldn’t expect a book-length version anytime soon, though.