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John Krasinki & Stephen Colbert reenact 'A Few Good Men' while trying not to puke

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John Krasinski visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, and after reminiscing about the time his wife Emily Blunt appeared on the show and had a vomit-off with Colbert, Krasinski tried his hand at fake puking.

He and Colbert went back and forth, trying not to upchuck as they read lines from A Few Good Men. “You can’t handle the… urghhhh!”

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The gag is taken from and old bit Colbert made famous with Steve Carrell, who worked with Krasinski on The Office.

“It might be my favorite thing in the world,” KrasinskiĀ told Colbert. “The first thing that bonded Steve Carrell and I on [The Office] was I pretended to puke and he said, ‘You know that’s my favorite thing in the world,’ based on a bit you guys used to do.”