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The Soup series finale best moments

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Say goodbye to Spaghetti Cat, Soup fans: After 11 years on the air with Joel McHale at its helm, the E! show aired its series finale Friday night — and revealed the fate of everyone’s favorite (and faux, thankfully) carb-loving feline. 

“I’m sorry, we’ve been canceled, so they’ve been instructed to put you down,” McHale said to Spaghetti Cat (and some of its furry friends) before it was carried off the screen one last time. “There you have it, folks. E! kills kittens.”

Aside from Spaghetti Cat’s untimely death, the show’s finale was a mostly positive affair filled with clips of past sketches and multiple celebrity guests ranging from Larry King to McHale’s Community costars. Ahead, see our roundup of the one-hour special’s best parts. 

1. No one was spared

McHale’s dead grandma shows up early on in the episode — except she’s not really dead. “I staged my own death, sweetie, when I saw the fourth season of Community,” she admits, referring to the season showrunner Dan Harmon left. This is a perfect example of how The Soup has never held back, even if it means dissing its own star’s work. A similar but equally amusing moment happens later on when Nathan Fillion makes a reference to Castle — you know, the show he’s starred on for eight seasons — only to explain seconds later that he doesn’t actually understand said reference: “I don’t watch my own show.” 

2. All of the guest stars

Adam Scott, Gillian Jacobs, Paul Feig, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and many more showed up to to participate in a fake telethon — and, more importantly, to bring an extra dose of absurdity to the already-ridiculous episode. Some highlights include Donald Faison and Rob Huebel banding together to give James Van Der Beek’s rat CPR and Ken Jeong recreating the Brokeback Mountain and King Kong mashup with a very enthusiastic Seth Green. 

3. Series favorites got one last moment in the spotlight

The Soup reminded watchers why they watched in the first place by bringing back memorable recurring characters — series producer and writer Dominic DeLeo reprised his Mankini character one last time and Lou got his own montage, for example — and showing the 11 best clips from the past 11 years, including a dog eating a human heart on One Tree Hill and Whitney Houston screeching “Kiss my ass!” on Being Bobby Brown. By revisiting past highlights and peppering in new jokes, the finale maintained a satisfying level of nostalgia without getting overly sappy. 

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4. McHale’s (sorta sentimental) goodbye

McHale’s multiple digs at E! throughout the finale demonstrated that he was not pleased with the show’s cancellation, something he made clear up until the very end. “This isn’t the last you’ll see of me or the work of these people on your TV. It’s just the last time you’ll see us here,” he said, surrounded by the crew. “There will be a Botched episode here next week. Don’t worry; it’s a rerun.”

But McHale’s goodbye speech wasn’t all snark: The longtime host started by genuinely thanking viewers for watching and expressing how much fun he and the rest of the staff had making the show. And then — because it is The Soup, after all — the snark made a final comeback. “I bid you a heartfelt ‘Kiss my ass,’ everyone,” McHale said. “Let’s go rob the celebrities.”